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The Carbontek Canada Hydrogen Fuel Service for Shops & Dealers

CarbonTek is a Safer, Greener & Far Superior Carbon Cleaning Option than the Current Chemical Cleanings on the Market

We strive to build long-term business relationships with shops & dealers that believe in delivering the highest standard of services to their customers.

CarbonTek is committed to providing high-grade hydrogen carbon cleaning services for a wide range of gas and diesel engines.Reducing carbon emissions and helping engines run better and last longer is at the core of what we do.


Lube Tech or Jr. Apprentice insert applicator into air intake, moves on to next job for 45 mins of further billable hours


45 minutes later, technician
removes applicator from intake

CarbonTek - Keeping engines running cleaner


Technician is paid 30 mins of labour and can apply CarbonTek service to other vehicles while service runs


With us, you can choose to work your own hours as per your schedule. It’s your business, you choose the schedule that works best for you. Your convenience is our topmost priority.


Increase service revenue with our simple, effective carbon cleaning solution. Immediately increase CSI with a service your customers will feel as soon as they leave your store. We offer different plans to put a machine/machines in your store depending on volume and needs.


Our engine cleaning solution is easy to learn and operate. This means you can scale your business faster by hiring and training new employees quicker. People of all skill levels can easily perform our service. We are waiting for you to get on board and open multiple doors of opportunities for your shop. We will train your Advisors and Technicians on the benefits of our simple and effective service.


CarbonTek has the resources available to help you build your retail and fleet accounts quickly. We offer state of the art software to help you build your pipeline and have hot leads as soon as you start.


Our CarbonTek Fleet marketing program can help drive more new and existing customers to your store. Ask us how!

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